Cassava Crop

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Cassava is the most important suppliers of calories in the diets. Cassava is grown mainly by small farmers in Fiji and is consumed boiled and fried or in soup. There are more than 40 varieties of cassava. Recommended Local varieties: Maracas Black Stick, White Stick, Butter Stick, Blue Stick and Butter Stick

The best climatic factor required for cassava’s are:
* Solar radiation: radiation affects the plant because cassava plant depends on sunlight for energy. The size and population are lower when the amount of radiation is low. Humidity of cassava finds the most favorable growing condition in humid-warm. * Rainfalls: Cassava thrives best when rainfall is well distributed throughout the growing period and is not erratic. Cassava cultivars such as the M Mex, CIAT Hybrid and CMC40 cannot withstand flooding or prolonged waterlogged conditions. The tubers deteriorate rapidly under these situations and are not marketable. * Day length: the cassava crops is highly sensitive to shade leading to low yields and must be grown under full sunlight for photosynthesis. * Soil type: Cassava can be grown on most soils; however the best soils are sandy clay loams that are well drained without a fluctuating water table. Proper soil management practices, adequate soil drainage and limestone applications at 2-4 t/ha incorporated into the soil 3 to 4 months before planting are necessary for the successful cultivation of cassava in the following "sugarcane" soils: Washington Series, Waterloo Series, Couva Series, Freeport Series, McBean Series, Cunupia Clay and Princes Town Clay. These soils are mostly acidic, high in nitrogen with high aluminum levels that stunt plant growth and reduce the formation of tuberous roots. * Temperature: Maximum root production occurs within a temperature range of 25o to 32 o C....
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