Beach Description

Topics: Chocolate chip cookie, Great Wall of China, Shore Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Crushing violently against the slick and glimmering rocks that intermittently align the picturesque shore, the wonderfully blue velvet waves can be raucously heard from thousands of yards away. Jagged-edged and slippery, the mountains of bordering boulders act like the Great Wall of China, providing a barrier against the thrashing surf. The transparent sea seems to threaten passersby who dare to boldly venture closer, as the unfolding currents roll forward with intimidation. Reckless and consistent, the colossal whitecaps dance uncontrollably, as if they are harmoniously following to the thrashing beat of a tribal drum of a local oceanfront Hawaiian shack positioned nearby. Miles down and surrounding neighboring islands, the aggressive tide converts gradually into a calm and tranquil flow that peacefully spills onto the sand covered coastline. At these points, the flawless cerulean ocean quietly provides scarce tourists and daily natives with the pleasant opportunity to virtually complete solitude. Serene and relaxed, the flawless water eagerly invites citizens to explore its diverse marine life which it proudly maintains. The beach’s gritty sand is as warm as a fresh batch of Grandma’s homemade baked chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. Delicately running my bored hands through the grainy particles, I can feel the brittle fragments trapping themselves in my neatly groomed nails, inevitably getting stuck for the next couple days. Perfectly warm, the blinding sun gracefully embraces the minor island with its elegantly resounding rays while the various screechy seagulls impatiently soar past with a ravenous look in their beady eyes. Periodically a dainty and feathery cirrus cloud will appear in the otherwise spotless sky, merely enhancing the scenic atmosphere with more texture. The sky blue backdrop is deep turquoise eyes that swiftly penetrate my soul as I passionately stare into the sensual gaze of my beloved. With the bitter taste of...
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