Be Clever Not Beautiful

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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Be Clever, Not Beautiful
If you can be 20 pounds (about 9 kg) slimmer or get 20 points higher on your IQ test score, which would you choose? Intelligence or appearance? Intelligence, which humans distinguish themselves from other species, refers to the measurement of how wise a human is in respond to difficulties, while appearance, whose importance has recently escalated, refers to how good-looking an individual is. We should make people understand that intelligence instead of appearance can truly distinct our characters and features. In South Korea where plastic surgeries are common and girls are keen on applying the same makeup and dressing up in the same brand. As a consequence, they appear to be like an army and could no longer be distinguished as unique individuals. However, intelligence, which fortunately can not be modified and standardized by technology, defines us. That is why intelligent people never disappear in the crowd. They stand out and always make differences in the world, and famous examples of such case are Einstein, Newton, Shakespeare and Hugo. One of the best examples to prove intelligence outweighs the look is that everyone ages. Looks will and must deteriorate, not in score and decades, but in minutes and seconds. However, intelligence, wisdom, and logic will become more and more profound. Research shows that intelligence of human will only go up with ages. It’s easy to opt whether we should value an appreciating asset, i.e. intelligence, or a depreciating one. I, therefore, reinforce my standpoint to defend the idea that intelligence should be valued, and it could be considered more important than looks because intelligence shapes the world, it outlasts looks, and it defines our characters and features. Therefore, this concept should be further emphasized in our contemporary society where external beauty is much overrated.
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