Organizational Behavior Report

Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Flynn effect Pages: 6 (1874 words) Published: March 23, 2012
The report examines the evidence suggesting children now are getting more intelligent by looking at the possibility of other explanatory factors such as improved nutrition, children's maturity and family dynamics, and argues against the impression that they are getting more intelligent by looking more clearly about the Flynn effect which emphasizes the fact that average Intelligence quotient (IQ) scores have risen over generations.

As you know, the activities are done by the intellectual abilities, which influence an employee’s level of performance. So what are the intellectual abilities? It’s the capacity to do mental activities, such as thinking, reasoning, and problem solving. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests, for example, are designed to ascertain a person’s general intellectual abilities. We will understand more about it in the next section “Case incident”. However, we should understand about “Flynn effect” and why it is mentioned in case incident & this chapter. The Flynn effect is the name given to a substantial and long-sustained increase in intelligence test scores measured in many parts of the world.

Some main ideas of case incident are generated such as: - A Substantial amount of intellectual ability is inherited. - The IQ score increase 3 point per 10 years. - James Flynn is a New Zealand researcher who found that IQ test results was be in 1940s better than 1970s in the across culture tested. - Some explanations of the Flynn Effect are education, smaller families, test-taking savvy and genes.

Organizational Behavior Report

Question 1: Do you believe that people are really getting smarter? Why or why not? In our opinion, we believe that people nowadays are not getting smarter, they just moving faster, they acquire knowledge at a much faster pace than people before. The reason for that faster learning is because of other stimulations: First, the advancement of IT has raised awareness and helped people access information easier than ever. Just take an example in Vietnam, according to statistics of Vietnam Internet Center, in 2003 the number of internet access is around 3.1million people and this figure has jumped to 27.5 in 2010.


As can be seen from this chart, 73% people use internet for study and research purposes, 90% for reading and searching information. These figures proved that Internet has played an important role in today society for people to update information much faster than people in the past.

Organizational Behavior Report


Second reason is nutrition and healthcare, today, health is placed in our top priority. Children now receive more attention from their parents than children decades ago maybe because each family have less children than before, more nutritious food somehow stimulate and make the children’s brain more mature as compare to their actual age. And this is one of the reasons that IQ has increased over years.


The last reason is education, when we were 5 years old, we only learn from the nursery learnt how to sing, read poems, recognize the names of animals or vegetables. But now a 5-year-old kids know:     

Identify the inequity in groups and know how to create fairness. Know to adjust voice according with communication circumstances. Try to control negative emotions. Know how to choose clothes to suite with the weather. Add or change events of a known story properly.

That’s just some in 125 development indicators that a 5 year-old child should have. They were push to learn more than us so there is a great chance that in the future when they grow at our age they will know more than us now. Question 2: Which of the factors explaining the Flynn effect do you accept? In this case, we are introduced some attempted explanations for the Flynn effect including better education, test-taking savvy, smaller families and genes. As we all know, technology is increasing the general awareness...
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