Bba International Hospitality Management

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Marketing Export Plan

International Business Orientation
Exporting FEBO to ChinaPart 1

Table of content
1. Strategic Profile5
1.1 History5
1.2 Strategies5
1.3 What to do in China6
1.4 Suppliers6
2. FEBO internal analysis7
2.1 Product position7
2.2 Marketing capability8
2.3 Research and development capabilities8
2.4 Organisational structure8
2.5 Human resources9
2.6 Facilities and equipment9
2.7 Past strategies9
3. Target market (external research)10
3.1 Selection10
3.2 Operating risks10
3.3 Market potential11
3.4 Costs11
3.5 Potential local and foreign competition11
3.6 In-depth analysis12
3.7 Population characteristics and purchasing power12
3.8 Basic infrastructure including transportation and communication facilities13
3.9 Cultural factors13
3.10 Resource13
3.11 Government restrictions and regulations on trade14
4. Target group15
4.1 Market Access Requirements (MAR)15
5. SWOT analysis19
6. Critical success factors21
6.1 The industry21
6.2 Competitive strategy and industry position21
6.3 Environmental factors22
6.4 Temporal factors22
6.5 Managerial position22
List of reference:26

This report is an export marketing plan, about exporting FEBO to China. The report is divided into two parts. This is the first part which is more about the company at the moment the internal and external analysis. It concludes a strategic profile about the history, the strategies, and what to expect in China. Than as all ready mentioned the internal analysis, what are their capabilities, product position, organizational structure, human resource and their facilities and equipment at the moment. The target market is the external analysis which concludes their market position, risks, cost, purchase power and PESTEL analysis. Then there will be explained about about the target market, what is it now and which segment do they want to reach in China. The report consist about a SWOT analysis from FEBO now and the possible opportunities and threats for the China market. In the critical success factors the industry will be discussed and the competitive strategy and industry position. The second part is more about the implementation about exporting FEBO to china. The different market entries, sales and marketing plan and the technical aspect. But there over later more.

1. Strategic Profile
1.1 History

FEBO was found in 1941 by J.J de Borst, he started with “Maison Febo” as a bakery in Amsterdam. The founder learned that quality is the key factor of success. So he was always busy with improving the quality of his products. After a while Mr. de Borst decided to expand his assortment with homemade salads and kroketten which were sold as a take away or to eat them straight away. Since, there was a high demand, he decided to close the bakery and continue with a kitchen. FEBO made all the products in its fabric. In addition, shops opened where the products could be sold, through the famous “wall”. Mr. J.J. de Borst did not want to outsource the production because then he did not have control over the quality anymore. Because of this successful concept in 1978 the first franchise settlement was opened in Amsterdam. A few years later other FEBO’s opened their doors in; Purmerend, Hoorn and Hoofddorp. Those neighbor cities of Amsterdam were chosen, to keep the existing target group also called an overflow area. In 1990 the son of the founder took over the company and built a big kitchen in Amsterdam were they produced all the products, they own this kitchen as well to keep their production in their own hands. Later, other franchised FEBO’s opened their doors in the rest of Holland. Now a day there are 61 branches and 55 of them are franchised. All of those shops need to be modern and to have the same...
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