Battered Women

Topics: Abuse, Domestic violence, Child abuse Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Battered Women
The grab of the arm, a shove in the back, or even a smack across the face may seem like a minor incident of dispute between two people; however no arguments should ever result in a physical altercation. But unfortunately it happens, causing the eruption of violence that often results in domestic abuse of battered women. While the abuser usually says that it will never happen again, it usually does, victimization by domestic violence is usually not a single event. If a woman is abused once, her risk of further abuse is high, and this abuse often becomes not only more frequent over time, but more severe (Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence, n.d.). Even when the women experience this violence for the first time, she stays with this person because she believes him when he says he loves her and won’t do it again. The traumatizing violence frequently leaves the bruises of destruction, but what becomes of the psychological damages that have deeply penetrated within? These are all a part of the four stages of Battered Women Syndrome (BWS). As the events of violence continue, the emotionally scarred women go through a period of denial, guilt, enlightenment, and finally responsibility (Mama’s Health, 2013). In the final step of responsibility, these women must now look for help for their children’s’ sake as well as for their own safety. The author identifies the problem as women in need and because of their psychological state of abuse, it must be understood that as the advocate acknowledging their possible needs; emergency medical help, psychological therapy, continued education, and/or safe housing. Once the needs have been established, the author’s goal would be to immediately suggest the removal from the domestic violence environment, some clients may choose to stay for various reasons such as; religious beliefs, the threats of their spouse/boyfriend/partner, cultural backgrounds, or just afraid to be without this person. Consequently...
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