Basketball Training

Topics: Muscle, Physical exercise, Human leg Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: July 31, 2011
STEP 2 – WARM UP (2 hours, 3 exercises-40 minutes each in 20 minutes gaps) In this, we focus in further exercising our muscles so that there will be no injury. We have do jumping, skipping and hopping. We will do each of it, twice for 20 minutes each. This will help in stamina and jumping will help when shooting in basketball. STEP 3 – PRE EXERCISES (60 minutes)

This is the most important exercise. In this, we will have to run. Run at least at speed 6km/hr. for fast runners, this should be increased. This will build your stamina if done continuously. Also, it will build your leg muscles which is very important whilst playing basketball as we need speed to tackle and attack. STEP 4 – THE FIGURE 8 DRILL (30 minutes)

Bend your knees and rotate the ball through your knees in a figure 8. You do this by rotating the ball around your right leg with your right hand, passing it to your left hand, then rotating the ball around your left leg. Make sure you can do it both ways, and speed up as you get better. The ball should never touch the ground. Should be done for 30 minutes. STEP 7 - SQUATS AND DEAD LIFTS (60 MINUTES, 30 MINUTES EACH) Squats and dead lifts will make many fast twitch muscle fibres in your muscle. This is important for your legs as you will have more potential to jump higher. Jumping high is important in basketball as it gives you the ability to make 3 pointer shots and dunks. This is the most important goal of basketball- to make points. This is an ultimate exercise for jumping high.

Start with dribbling the ball around the court for 10 minutes at a time with 2 minutes break which should make 1 hour. This will obviously help your handling skills in basketball and talking skills. Then do 1 hour of shooting. Start from near the basket. Shoot the basket 50 times. Only if you can make 90% of the shot, go a bit further or else shoot 50 shots again and improve your accuracy. This should help you increase your...
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