First Step Basketball

Topics: Defense, 2009 NBA Playoffs, Strength training Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: February 9, 2013
The Truth About A Quick First Step What is a First Step The first step is basically the first step you take of the dribble, when driving towards the basket, in order to beat your opponent to the hoop. It does take the right strength, coordination, and the right boost of energy, which is required from the leg you typically use to make your first step, but to become a better player, you should condition both legs to be able to take the first step when driving to the hoop. You will find that with the quick first step move, you will be able to blow by any player one on one, and it will greatly improve your overall game when facing the basket. So, when training, you have to make sure to use the right drills, weight lifting, and leg workouts, in order to build up the strength, allowing you to quickly push off, and breeze by your defender. There are 2 basic components of the first step. First is the force, which is the strength you exert along with how quickly you apply it. Therefore, to improve your first step, not only do you need more force and strength in your legs and core, but you need to know which leg to push off, and when to push off, in order to have a faster first step. The second component is coordination, which is the actual ability to perform the move. The only real way to improve coordination is to continually practice your first step, off both legs, until you perfect the move. Importance of a First Step There are several reasons you want to have a great first step. First off, it is going to make you much more of a threat when the opposing team is playing one on one defense. Even when help defense comes your way, if your first step is quick enough, they are not going to be able to reach you before you make it in for the easy layup or dunk. Your first step is also important to be a better passer, and find the open man. If you are quick enough, you will draw more defense towards you, leaving teammates open, and allowing you to dish out for a quick jump...
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