How to Shoot a Jump Shot

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How to Shoot a Jump Shot
Although some people are born naturally athletic, most people are taught the fundamentals of basketball at a young age and continue to practice these fundamentals as they get older. One of the basic assets to becoming a successful, well rounded basketball player is being able to shoot a jump shot. A jump shot is a shot in which a player jumps into the air and shoots the ball at the basket with one or both hands ( Ken Sailors, 1943 National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) most valuable player, is credited as the inventor of the jump shot, offering his first attempt in 1934 (Freeman). Before Sailors, players would shoot the ball two-handed, as a flat footed set shot. The introduction of the jump shot changed the game of basketball from an offensive stand point by giving offensive players another way to score against their opponents. The jump shot became popular during the late 1960’s, at the time where the three-point line was introduced in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Learning how to shoot a jump shot is one of the most challenging tasks to master in basketball because it takes great repetition and concentration. Many basketball players have to practice their fundamentals for hours every day to become a consistent shooter. Ultimately, practicing these fundamentals every day will help you to develop a consistent form by building muscle memory and improve your jump shot.

There are a couple of things you will first need in order to learn how to shoot a jump shot. You are going to need a basketball and a basketball hoop. You should be practicing on a regulated basketball court with a ten foot rim, a free throw line, and a three point line so you can practice shooting from different locations on the court. You are going to need a t-shirt, basketball shorts, and basketball sneakers. You can wear sweatpants, or sweatshirts if you like, but you should not wear jeans or boots. Wearing the proper clothing will make you feel more comfortable and help you to run around easier. You can go to Modell’s, Foot Locker, or any other store that sells sports equipment to get these basketball products. When buying basketball sneakers, I prefer to wear either Nike or Jordan, because I feel like they are the most comfortable and most efficient brand. They have a good reputation of having the best products in sports, which is why they sell more than most other brands. These sneakers might cost you anywhere from $80 to $150, depending on what sneakers you get and how recently they came out. You can get a basketball from any sports store and it should be about $30 if you get a Spalding or a Wilson basketball. I prefer to use these types of basketballs, because they are regulated for professional basketball and they are the most durable type of basketball.

Before you learn how to shoot a jump shot you have to learn how to create space from your defenders. Getting an open look at the basket is important when you are shooting a jump shot because it is much easier when there is nobody playing defense on you than when there is someone trying to block your shot. Defense is a tactic or strategy to prevent an attack from the opposing team ( Most good shooters have to run around screens or picks, which are set up by one of their teammates to try to block the person that is defending them so they can get an open shot. Setting up plays, moving the ball around, and making good passes to your team mates can help you to break down the defense and get the best possible shot that is available.

Taking good shots is all about receiving the pass in rhythm. Good passes make good shots and they allow the players to get a good release on their shot. If you do not receive a good pass from your teammate, it can affect your shot causing you to be off-balance. Make sure that you get a good grip on the ball before you...
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