Basic Steps of Management

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Basic steps of management
Any organization, whether new or old, whether small or big, needs to run smoothly and achieve the goals and objectives, which it has set forth for itself. For this to happen, they must develop and implement their own management concepts. There are basically four management concepts that allow any organization to take control of its destiny. These four concepts of management, translated into functions lead to the creation of a cohesive organization, which smoothly achieves its objectives. The four functions of management are:

The base function is to: Plan
It is the foundation pillar of management. It is the base upon which the all other areas of management are built. Planning requires administration to assess where the company presently is and where it would be in the upcoming years. From there, an appropriate course of action is determined and implemented to attain the company's goals and objectives.

Planning is an unending course of action. There may be sudden strategies, required to be implemented, when facing a crisis. There are external factors that constantly affect a company, both positively and negatively. Depending on the conditions, a company may have to alter its course of action in accomplishing certain goals. This kind of preparation or arrangement is known as strategic planning. In strategic planning, management analyzes internal and external factors, that may affect the company, its objectives and goals. Here they should engage in a study of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). For management to do this efficiently, it has to be very practical and focused.

The subsequent function is to: Organize
The second function of the management is getting prepared and getting organized. Management must organize all its resources beforehand, to put into practice, the course of action, which has been decided upon in the base function of planning. Through this process, management will now determine...
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