Barriers of Effective Communication

Topics: Communication, Message, Meaning of life Pages: 6 (1866 words) Published: April 7, 2011
NAME: KOLAWOLE, Michael Aanu
Discuss some of the barriers of effective communication.
Over centuries, wars, conflicts, battles have been kicked off because of misunderstanding from both parties. Either someone has not effectively communicated the idea behind a concept to the other, or two ideas are at loggerheads for a main goal and the two ends of the parties cannot reach a successful consensus as to what it really needed. This is why effective communication is the process whereby message transferred from one person to another successfully reaches the receiver and it is properly decoded in the manner intended by the sender. Also, in the case of an organization, Bernard (1960) puts it that it is the cohesive bond between members of an organization which when properly understood and used can lead to peaceful and harmonious interpersonal relationship or cooperation among members. In other words, this simply means the right message to the right person, through the right channel, decoded into the intended meaning. Effective communication is imperative for thriving interpersonal relationship between people, either in an organization or in the society at large. Most of the time, effective communication can help rid traces of conflict. Ascertaining the idea of effective communication, it does not only refer to the transfer of messages from the sender to the receiver but the successful transfer of intended meaning through intended channel to the intended receiver with envisaged feedbacks.

Quite a number of things may be responsible for successful hindering of effective communication flow between two or more parties. However, certain factors may stir up, consequently hindering effective communication flow. In a single word, this is known as NOISE. This is evident in the communication model below: SenderMessage Channel Receiver

NOISE NOISE is any unwanted feature that may consciously, unconsciously, knowingly, unknowingly or calculatedly creep into a particular communication flow, thus causing distortion or break in the transfer of meaning from the encoder to the decoder. Moreover, the proper assessment of the kinds of noise that we have will help in our valuation of the various barriers of effective communication. There are various factors responsible for noise; ranging from physical, cultural, psychological, semantic, or linguistic.

Semantic barriers to effective communication describe the analysis of the kind of meaning passed during a communication flow. This may not only be limited to verbal expressions, i.e. written and spoken words, but also signs and symbols pregnant with meaning. Some of the barriers that fall under this thought include: I. Vocabulary Barriers

This may arise from transmission of equivocal and ambiguous piece of information, as well as adoption of difficult and uncommon technical mumbo jumbo to communicate a simple idea. This can lead to ineffective communication as the receiver will instantly have the problem of navigating through the barrage of incomprehensible words, consequently leading to loss of information which may be as a result of the receiver discarding vital parts of the information received because of incomprehensibility. Also, the problem of interpretation can prevent the receiver not only from understanding the message intended or the precise meaning of the message gotten but also from responding appropriately to the information passed across. This tells greatly on the feedback of the receiver, which may be noticed through constant unsure nudging of the head or a look of uncertainty on the face of the receiver. In the case of an organization, this may be...
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