Barlico Marketing Plan

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Misr Café
Barlico Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
-The following marketing plan forms the basis for the introduction of an innovative new product by the MISR CAFE Company. The analysis allows us to outline the best strategies to follow for the achievement of the company’s strategic goals. “BARLICO” will be marketed as a unique nutritive drink while striving to strengthen the company’s status.

- The marketing strategies will enable to reach the market, while satisfying the needs of the still-unserved market for ready-to-drink Barlico.

“Barlico” will be a powder-packed beverage, and will be positioned as the ZERO CAFFIENE product available on the market. The Barlico sachet will cost 50 piasters for the 2in1 and 75 piasters for the 3in1. The beverage will have a barley powder base with enhanced aromatic flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla and Cappuccino) as well as standard coffee flavor. It will bring an entirely unique

drinking experience to its consumers. It will present itself as an innovative and unusual alternative to traditional coffee while providing the great nutritional value in an smart and convenient packaging.

The strategic role of Barlico for The MISR CAFE Company is centered around three objectives:

To strengthen and satisfy the needs of customers with a new eye-catching

and nutritional product

To become the market leader in the nutritional drinks segment with increased market shares

To become the market leader in the nutritional drinks segment with increased market shares

Health Benefits
• Aids immune function
• Rich in antioxidants
• Relaxing, Calming and antidepressant
• A stimulant to the liver.
• Acts as a Laxative and calming the colon.
• Useful for slow growth in children
• Reduce cholesterol.
• Helps lactation
• Reduce the sense of hunger
• Gets rid of excess water from the body
• Gives a high-energy without turning to fat
•In Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prescribed barley “Talbinah” for seven diseases. It was also said to soothe and calm the bowels.

SWOT Analysis
STRENGTHS (Internal)
•Effective step in new markets
•Nutritive value
•Attractive economic price
•Safe for children and elderly people
•It is considered to be “SEYAMY”

•New in the market

•Weak competition
•New product introduction
•Lack of any strong beverage
manufacturers leave a gap in the

THREATS (External)
•New product introduction
•Customers ignorance about the
product value
•Current political issues


Misr Café’s top competitors for the nutritive drink industry are ISIS and Jannah Foods.
In the nutritional drinks sector, ISIS is the market leader with most market shares. Jannah foods is still a brand new product in the market. The competition in very weak, where ISIS barley only comes as instant decaffeinated coffee substitute with no additional flavor. Barley Mix is served as instant “Talbina” with milk and flavor extracts such as Cinnamon, Ginger and coffee.

Barlico’s competitors are very weak in the market, where Barlico will be considered a pioneer to produce instant Barley with coffee flavor which is 100% decaffeinated. And this decaffeinate coffee will place Barlico in a different level than the competitors.

Market Segmentation

Segment identification:
Instant packed Barlico is to be established within the Nutritional Drinks sector
Segment needs:
The product will cater to both physiological needs (nutritional value) and social needs (perception of a social, nutritional, warm drink with a sense of belonging within peer consumer groups.
The product will meet the needs of people who are coffee lovers, and people who want to drink coffee at night but not to stay alert all night. Segment trends:
The current trends include a shift away from Caffeinated drinks, a growing interest for healthier / beneficial products for the...
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