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Topics: Barbie, Ruth Handler, Bild Lilli doll Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: January 1, 2013
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-Can anyone tell me what American toy has been one of the top sellers ever since the 1950’s? -Everyone recognizes her face and logo but not many people know where she started or where she originated from. -Beautiful, smart, professional, & independent are just a few words to describe what she represents. -Picture: Most beloved American icon Barbie.

You were either that person who dressed her up in fancy clothes and pushed her around in a hot pink convertible, or maybe you were the evil brother who bit off her head, arms and even legs. First sold in March of 1959.

-All Began. Women Ruth Handler.
Daughter: Barbara. paper dolls or baby dolls noticed she enjoyed giving teenage & adult roles. -No US company had ever created a three dimensional adult proportioned doll. pitched idea to her husband Elliot Handler (co-founder) & company Mattel. Too much money & the consumer could not afford it. Idea was taken as joke. -1956 Trip To Europe traveling in Germany. w/ kids Barbara and Kenneth. Came across Bild Lilli doll- considered German sex toy. Ruth purchased three. Not for its actual purpose but to go back & show Mattel. One was given to her daughter and two were taken back to Mattel. This time she was accompanied by the support of husband Reworked her look & named after daughter Barbara Millicent Roberts Made debut in NY on March 9, 1959 which stuck as Barbies birthday. -Picture. & Came original Barbie.
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