Banking Concept of Education by Paolo Freire

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Lucas McBride
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In his essay, “The 'Banking' Concept of Education,” Paolo Freire advocates an educational system where extensive dialogue between student and teacher drives critical thinking and conscious learning. Recognizing the need for an education that produces adaptable students who are prepared for the unpredictable world beyond the classroom, Freiere's radical theory of such problem posing education may be a right step, but perhaps a step too quick for today's educational system that is so deeply interwoven in our society. However, in its essence, his idea of praxis learning very well may be the liberation needed from the oppressive and mechanical education systems that are denying the development of creativity among its subjects and alienating them from the true perception of reality. Freire mentions in his text that the current education, referred to as the “Banking' Concept”, in turn is, “..serving only to dehumanize,” its students with knowledge, “deposits (that) themselves contain contradictions.”(320) He argues that this education concept is steering its students away from reality and keeping them inside a, “structure of oppression.”(320) In such oppression students are not assembling their own ideas and perspectives of the world, in turn they are disciplined to see the world how teachers are making them see it. "For the more the oppressed can be led to adapt to that situation, the more easily they can be dominated" (261). In order to prepare students correctly and aid the transition into the real world, Freire implies the importance of avoiding distancing students from the aspects of real life by using the problem-posing techniques such as communication and questioning between student and teacher in order to hone old ideas and at the same time develop new and different ones as well, opposed to the current situation where in classrooms," the teacher teaches and the students are taught." (319) Implementing...
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