Banking Concept of Education

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  • Published : December 6, 2005
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Essay Assignment

When considering what the proper form of education is many different concepts come to mind. One of the most controversial concepts is known as the banking concept of education, in which students are required to memorize facts and later on be tested on them. Another important component of education is the relationship between the teacher and their students. Many argue on what the proper makeup of a successful educative system should consist of and whether or not the banking concept of education is a resourceful and effective way of teaching

The banking concept of education has been a popular form of teaching for many years. The concept requires students to copy and memorize large amounts of notes and information, given by the teacher. The teacher will rarely comment on the information that is given but will require the students to observe the data and later on be tested upon it. Personally the banking concept of education is not a sufficient way of learning for me. Memorizing data without discussing its true meaning is a handicap to my education more than a benefit. If I am unable to hold a discussion on the information it makes it difficult to understand the concepts behind the data, and therefore interrupting my ability to grow as a student. Students become no more that "receptacles" when following this concept. It also hinders their ability to think outside of the data and try to conclude the information for themselves. It is not a beneficial way of education if a student is incapable of analyzing the information on their own to help better understand the data that is given to them.

Page 2 There are many different concepts when it comes to the proper classroom relationship. Some believe that it is only proper for the teacher to speak during class and have full control on what goes on inside the classroom. Others...
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