Bank of America Analysis Paper

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Bank of America Corporation Analysis

Thomas L. Lowther III
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May 16, 2011
Chuck Andre
Bank of America Corporation Analysis

Banking is an important industry that not only serves people on a personal level, but the United States in a global economy as well. First I will conduct a SWOT analysis for the company I chose which is Bank of America Corporation. Second, I will also identify the company’s internal and external stakeholders. Next, I will describe their wants and needs. And, finally, I will explain how the company is fulfilling those needs. Strengths

The Bank of America Corp dominates the market in the United States and also uses different strategies to gain a competitive advantage over it competitors globally. According to Bank of America homepage they are available in about 32 states in the United States, the District of Columbia and more than 30 foreign countries as well. They were also ranked number one small business administration lender in the US in 2007. Bank of America has relationships with just about all the Fortune 500 companies and over three quarters of the U.S. Fortune Global 500 companies as well. Another strength for Bank of America corporation is a strong financial sheets has made it possible for them grow bigger if they so desire. Bank of America Corporation has a wide range of diverse banking products and services for their customers. Weakness

The first weakness for Bank of America Corporation is the complex process and banking operations that they employ. Another weakness is in some sectors and areas of the world Bank of America Corporation is not so large that its peers are actually competitive with them. According to their website Bank of America corporation total gain welfare edge has drastically declined since 2003.

Bank of America can more easily expand and enter into foreign banking markets today the in the past. There are always constantly more improvements and upgrades to the process for different banks and financial institutions to entering the banking industry in other markets as well. For example, according to Bank of America website they acquired Merrill Lynch, Countrywide Financial Corporation, and Countrywide Home Loans which is great purchases for Bank of America success in the future. Bank of America Corporation especially benefits from Countrywide’s broader mortgage capabilities of extensive retailer, and indiscriminate and correspondent distribution networks. Threats

The recent economic recession and rising unemployment are some of the main threats for Bank of America. They also have to follow the more strict guidelines in restrictions in capital markets policies from the SEC due to the different security and money issues that is occurring globally. Another threat that Bank of America is facing is that their competitors and peers are steadily improving their strategies and policies to try to capture a bigger piece of the market share pie for themselves. This is a big threat that Bank of America is majorly concerned with at the present time. They are always trying to keep their current dominant hold on the banking market and stay one step ahead of their competition. Internal Stockholders

Bank of America takes a serious and responsible position they hold in helping serve as a banking institution of growth and success for millions of individuals, families, and businesses of both big and small.  They demonstrate this through their commitment to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct.  This includes the efforts that Bank of America is showing of doing business the right way for their customers, clients, shareholders, and in the communities they serve. This is to provide leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to make the best decisions as well as to help Bank of America associates to clearly understand the values and ethical...
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