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The value of information is directly linked to how it helps
decision makers achieve the organization’s goals.
1. A(n) _________________ is a set of interrelated components that collect, manipulate, and disseminate data and
information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an

2. What consists of raw facts, such as an employee number?
a. bytes
b. data
c. information
d. knowledge

Knowing the potential impact of information systems and
having the ability to put this knowledge to work can result in a successful personal career, organizations that reach their goals, and a society with a higher quality of life.
3. A(n) ______________ consists of hardware, software,
databases, telecommunications, people, and procedures.

4. Computer programs that govern the operation of a computer system are called __________.
a. feedback
b. feedforward
c. software
d. transaction processing system

5. What is an organized collection of people, procedures,
software, databases and devices used to create, store, share, and use the organization’s experience and knowledge?
a. TPS (transaction processing system)
b. MIS (management information system)
c. DSS (decision support system)
d. KMS (knowledge management system)

System users, business managers, and information systems
professionals must work together to build a successful information system.
6. What involves creating or acquiring the various system
components (hardware, software, databases, etc.) defined
in the design step, assembling them, and putting the new
system into operation?
a. systems implementation
b. systems review
c. systems development
d. systems design

7. ___________________ involves anytime, anywhere commerce
that uses wireless communications.

8. _________________ involves contracting with outside
professional services to meet specific business needs.

The use of information systems to add value to the organization can also give an organization a competitive advantage.
9. __________________ change can help an organization
improve raw materials supply, the production process, and
the products and services offered by the organization.

10. Technology infusion is a measure of how widely technology is spread throughout an organization. True or False?

IS personnel is a key to unlocking the potential of any new or modified system.
11. Who is involved in helping users determine what outputs
they need and constructing the plans needed to produce
these outputs
a. the CIO
b. the applications programmer
c. the systems programmer
d. the systems analyst

12. An information center provides users with assistance, training, and application development. True or False?

13. The _________________ is typically in charge of the
information systems department or area in a company
(1) information system (2) b (3) computer-based information
system (CBIS) (4) c (5) d (6) a (7) Mobile commerce (m-commerce) (8) Outsourcing (9) Sustaining (10) False (11) d (12)
True (13) chief information officer (CIO)

1. What are the components of any information system?
2. Describe the different types of data.
3. Identify at least six characteristics of valuable information. 4. What is a computer-based information system? What are
its components?
5. What are the most common types of computer-based
information systems used in business organizations today?
Give an example of each.
6. What is the difference between e-commerce and m-commerce? 7. Describe three applications of multimedia.
8. What is a knowledge management system? Give an example.
9. What is the technology acceptance model (TAM)?
10. What is user satisfaction?
11. What are some general strategies employed by organizations to achieve competitive advantage?
12. Define the term productivity. Why is it difficult to measure...
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