The Banking Concept

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Norman 1 Taylor Norman Dr. Mitrik English 101.07 August 31, 2012 Norman_E101.07_Freire_HW1 In the essay “The “Banking” Concept of Education” Freire explains his ideas of education in the classroom. He talks about two separate forms of education called the banking concept and the problem-posing education. Freire specifically uses two terms drawn from literature praxis and alienation to describe these ways of education. I believe the way Freire used the word praxis throughout the essay he is referring to the act of applying, exercising, or practicing certain ideas. I believe the way he uses the word alienation in the essay it means withdrawing or separation of individuality in a classroom. In the study of education alienation could be used as blocking students from expressing their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, or creativity in a classroom. Praxis could be used in the study of education by only providing students with one way of expressing oneself in theirs works or studies. It could limit a student showing certain uniqueness about them, to make blend in with a crowd of the classroom, instead of being a sand out by putting individuality in their work. In my opinion Friere definitely allows for dialogue in this essay and he doesn’t really enact with his own principles. He speaks in a very broad way where his thoughts and opinion could be used in many other environments besides just the classroom. He allows for many thoughts as a reader to think about and explore where these methods of learning or teaching could be used. All throughout the essay he casts the role as a reader to think of your own examples (not practically just in a classroom) where these types of teaching and learning methods are used. He forces to read to think a little out of the box and to use critical thinking. 293
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