Bangladesh – Myanmar Relation in the Chnaged Political Perspective

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1. Bangladesh and Myanmar are the two geographically contiguous developing countries. These two countries share a good deal of history, geography, culture and politics of both colonial and postcolonial perspectives. Following the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries, bilateral ties grow on the basis of their commonalities of interest. Bangladesh and Myanmar enjoyed a dynamic process of bilateral cooperation since independence of Bangladesh. In addition to bilateral cooperation, the two countries are also veloping cooperative relations under the framework of a number of regional/sub-regional organizations/initiatives. Notwithstanding persistence efforts on the part of both the countries, the process of Bangladesh-Myanmar relations have also been, at times, overshadowed by contentious issues particularly by the Rohingya issue that from time to time vitiated the relations between the two countries. Again the land boundary between Bangladesh and Myanmar are demarcated, the two countries share a vast maritime boundary that is demarcated recently. The landmark verdict at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in Hamburg established legal territorial rights of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal.

2.Recent political reform, limited democratic culture and espcially bi-election before the general election 2015 shed the new ray of hope for the people of Myanmar. Furthermore, USA has lifted its economic embargo on Myanmar and planned to open its ambassy there. An alternative land route opening for Bangladesh towards China and South East Asia other than the sea will create a greater impact on our economy as well as can be termed as the gateway for south east Asia. On the other hand unfriendly relations with Myanmar can benefit small insurgent groups living in the hill jungle areas of southern portion of Chittagong Hill Tracts which can cause some degree of instability in the area and may become a serious concern for national security. At present situation is very conducive for Myanmar to emerge as an economic giant in future. So Bangladesh saw the opening of Myanmar as a competitive challenge as well as a complementary advantage. All the above mention facts demand the review of current look east policty.

3. Due to recent developments the existing relations between the two countries fall far short of their potentials as well as expectations. In this backdrop this paper will attempt to make a scrutiny of post election Bangladesh-Myanmar relations, likely change that might take place in the look east policy and finally suggest the ways to reap benefits out of the new ambit.


4.The aim of this paper is to briefly(omit this word) analyze Bangladesh – Myanmar relationship under the changed political scenario and identify arenas that may better(omit this word) benefit both the nations.


Relation since Independence
(From group head to para head give two space gap)
5.Refugee Push in Operation-1975. First such venture by Myanmar was taken in 1975 with push in of 5000 Rohingyas into Bangladesh.(This is passive form. Use active rather than passive). In the year of 1975, Myanmar pushed in 5000 Rohinga into Bangladesh. It was diplomatically tackled by the then president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. 6.King Dragon Operation-1978. Under the code name operation King Dragon, Myanmar’s so called alien registration campaign wrongfully categorized Arakan Muslims as illegal immigrants of Bangladesh.(very long and complex sentence, simplify it) . Resultantly approximately 2,06,000 Rohingya Muslims crossed over to Bangladesh seeking refuge. This operation compelled approximately 206000 Rohingya Muslims to cross Bangladesh border and seek refuge. After many diplomatic moves, Myanmar government accepted them back on 29 December 1979. But their rights and privileges as...
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