Burma and the 8 Dam Project

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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(Sami) Discourse-
“There are some parties and elements forcing government into tight corner and undermining peace and stability” (Sein, T. (2011, October 1). The New Light of Myaman. fnfasia.org.) This quote is the center for discourse surrounding the controversial damn projects throughout Myanmar. The full title for Thein Sein is President of the Republic of Union of Myanmar. Although it is indicated that the government is elected by the people it is not specific that the government is a democracy, this has a huge effect on how china is able to continue manipulating Myanmar to give into the demands of the dam project that will primarily benefit China and Thailand, promising minimal financial compensation for Myanmar. Even if this compensations comes to fruition it is still nowhere near enough to get the country into a healthy state of living and does not make up for the citizens who have already been displaced by the construction of the Mobeye dam and the flooding.

While the president has managed to currently halt the dam process the question is will the project resume when his term has ended? If this is the case then the time left in office is the only time of relief for the people of Myanmar and for them to have a voice. While “the common goal of all the national people is to ensure peace and stability of the state and modernization of the nation” (Sein, T. (2011, October 1). The New Light of Myaman. fnfasia.org); this still doesn’t really give the citizens a voice. The citizens have gone unheard for so long on this damn dam issue that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the true discourse sources, the voice of the people. That is the real discourse. It’s stated that this eight dam project is “a joint Burmese- Chinese venture” (Info.NLD. (2011, August 11). Irrawaddy Appeal. http://www.nldburma.org); but on closer inspection it looks one sided. After all, when it’s said that government is in a tight corner, that doesn’t sound like the Burmese...
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