Badminton Learning Sequence and Cues Document

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  • Published: April 16, 2012
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Badminton Learning Sequence and Cues Document
Methods of Teaching Individual Activities
Spring 2012
Alan Fulcher
Dr. Rockie Pederson

The purpose of this document is to illustrate the most effective way to teach the sport of Badminton to beginners. It will outline the basic skills necessary for one to be successful in the sport, and will be divided into several sections in order to make it easier to navigate. The document will be sectioned off according to each skill, beginning with the most basic skills and graduating to the more difficult ones. This is known as the learning sequence, a recommended order of teaching the skills of the sport to beginners. Each section of the learning sequence will focus on a different skill, and will be arranged in this way: * Skill Technique – The correct way to perform the skill, and what correct technique looks like * Learning cues – these are “code words” to make it easier for students to learn the skills necessary to succeed. * Suggested teaching styles – recommendations for the most effective style of teaching a particular skill. There may be more than one style suggested, if appropriate All of this information will be drawn from numerous different sources, which will be properly referenced, with URL addresses provided. Table of Contents

Section I – Basic Grip, Stance, and Footwork
Section II – Drive Shot
Section III – Forehand and backhand overhead clear
Section IV – Short Serve and Long Serve
Section V – Smash Shot
Section VI – Drop Shot
Section VII – Block

Section I – Basic grip, Stance and Footwork
Skill technique:
* Grip: Hold the racket head with non-dominant hand, with grip facing toward the student, narrow side facing up, and racket perpendicular to the floor. Grasp handle with playing hand, forming a V shape on the top of the grip. Hold somewhat loosely for greater flexibility; if the racket is held too tight, the muscles of the arm with contract, restricting...
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