Bad Teachers

Topics: Education, Teacher, High school Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: March 22, 2013
The poor teaching habits of teachers shows greatly in the way students learn. It causes students to become unmotivated, drop out, and it also increases their chances of going to prison. In the documentary “Waiting for Superman” states that because of bad teachers students are more likely to fail and drop out of school. In the documentary they showed that bad teachers just sat in class and slept or did not teach but since they had tenure they could not be fired without going through paperwork and courts. The students are what suffer the most because of this. Bad teachers are the main cause of failing grades, unmotivated students, and the increase of high school dropouts in prisons. The lackadaisical mentors cause students to hate what they are learning and not want to learn. It also causes them to not go to class and start to fail. The documentary stated that careless teachers only cover fifty percent of the material while good teachers can cover three times that. In my high school we had a teacher who didn’t make class worth coming to. She would give notes and handouts and sit at her desk the whole class. It made it really hard for me to learn, or want to learn. I basically had to teach myself algebra because she wouldn’t. Then when the next year came along I had no idea what we were learning. My lazy teacher ruined mathematics for me. When students become unmotivated they start to fail their classes because they think they can’t learn, or they are stupid, when in reality it is the teachers fault. Failing students can become depressed or not care what happens to their future but they don’t realize that with failing grades colleges won’t accept you, and if you do get into a college you won’t know the material. Bad teachers are the cause of unmotivated students because when students don’t have fun learning they won’t want to learn. When students don’t want to learn it ruins their chances of getting good grades in that class and also other classes. Prisons are...
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