Bad Role Model, Good Teacher

Topics: Parent, English-language films, Father Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Kyle Herrod
Ms. Saenz
ENGL 1113-104
10 September, 2012
Bad Role Model, Good Teacher
I was born and raised in San Diego, California. Being one of three kids of a Navy family, I was well disciplined and well behaved, as were my brothers. In 2004 we moved from California to Texas, going from perfect weather every day to unpredictable weather all the time. Not only was the physical aspect a shock, but all preconceptions of Texas were blown out of the water by reality. The hardest part of the whole ordeal was leaving my dad in California for a few years. He would visit when he could, but visits were few and far between. I began to notice that the distance away was putting a lot of stress not just on the family, but my parents’ marriage. My older brother, Kameron, and I would talk about it and figure out a possible solution to restoring their relationship. Kaelen, the youngest of us three, was still oblivious to everything happening. Kaelen was just in fourth grade, Kameron a freshman, and me a seventh grader. Days would come and pass without speaking to our dad, and now I began to notice that it wasn’t just our parent’s relationship that suffered, but mine and my brothers as well. Kameron began staying out later and being mysterious; something he had never been. Kameron became hostile towards me and Kaelen, he would tell us that “if you tell mom, I will make it worse next time”. I loved my brother always, but he knew how to make it hard to like him. As Kameron progressed to become more and more like the typical teenager you read about, Kaelen and I began watching him fall out of trust with my parents. Because of distance and many unwarranted fights between my parents, they finally decided to divorce in 2007. My brothers and I all reacted differently. The youngest of us sealed off his emotions; he would not open up to anybody. Me, I was not afraid to show my emotion; or maybe I couldn’t keep them from showing. I was almost forced into counseling while my older...
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