Background Information of 3d Technology

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Executive Summary
Background information of 3D technology
3D technology has been a very hot technology that many people are discussing recently. The movie, Avatar had also aroused a wide public frenzy towards the 3D displayed work. Some people may wonder, can this trend sustain and could this technology eventually become popular, widely applied in different areas? Through analyzing the technology maturity, public opinions, applications and current development, we hope to get some insight in this issue. In the first part, we will talk about the basic theory involved in the 3D technology, the most common display methods, the maturity of the technology and some technical issues involved. Research and Survey

In this part, general public’s opinions towards 3D technology can be found. With strong support of researches conducted by credible organizations, most of the consumers think it is an attractive and fresh idea for introducing 3D technology into their home, while at the same time, they think the manufacturing companies should consider the price and feasibility of it. Analysis

The use of 3D technology in various applications is emerging. With the increasing number of 3D movies, 3D technology featuring the use of special glasses could stimulate the demand for 3D content in the home. Besides, the 3D technology can be applied to the video games as well as product advertising. This part will analyze the commercialization process of these four aspects and the further market development. Implications

To have a more thorough understanding, we also come up with some issues and implications regarding the 3D technology. The huge production and installation cost involved in early stage may become a big challenge for some industries like film production industry while also can protect the privacy of digital goods by creating experience that is difficult to copy. The use of 3D technology provide us with enjoyment from sophisticated graphics and experience while may lead to waste of resources and even poses health threats in case of overuse. All these issues should not be neglected if it is aimed to make good use of the 3D technology.

Background information of 3D technology
3D technology - How it works?
There are quite a number of ways to generate 3D images currently. But basically, they make use of one of the important properties in human eyes – binocular parallax, which enables us to determine the depth of the objects we see. Binocular parallax is the difference between the images viewed by the two eyes. Since our two eyes do look things at slightly different angle, image of the object will fall on slightly different part of the retina on each eye. Our brain senses these slight differences and thus be able to determine the depth/distance of the object.

3D technology makes use of such human property
The development of 3D technology is all the way attempting to input two different images into our two eyes. In early stage it involves wearing glasses to screen out or receive only particular images in each eye. Later, due to demand of comfort and convenience, systems without glasses are gradually developed.

Four main types of 3D display technology

With glasses
1.Polarizing glasses
How to functionFiltering lights polarized in different directions. Technical issuesIf your head is too incline to one side, the glasses may not be able to filter fully the light which not supposed to enter. You might see two images and feel dizzy after watching. Usage3D movies e.g. Avatar

2.Shutter glasses
How to functionImages which supposed to go into different eyes are displaying interchangeably at very quick rate on the screen. The glasses will ‘open and close’ at a rate that can accept the appropriate images. Technical issuesCostly to produce; Heavy to wear

UsageNew 3D TV models

Without glasses
1.Multiplexed 2D
How to functionShowing two images simultaneously on one...
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