Marketing Segmentation and Product Positioning

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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Marketing Segmentation and Product Positioning
DimenXion View Company
Student: Rodrigo J. Goncalves
Instructor: Prof. Karen Mountain, Ph.D.
Strayer University
MKT500 – Marketing Management
October 24th, 2010.

DimenXion View Company
DimenXion View Company is an US based company that focuses in manufacturing display devices for work out to end-user market. One of the most exciting products offered is called D-Glasses Work Out. Company expects to use state-of-the-art technology on behalf of the human society by bringing new alternatives to work out that make a person’s life healthier and more pleasant. The product described on this document intends to take exercising activities to an entirely different level. IDENTIFY THE MARKETING SEGMENT FOR THE PRODUCT AND EXPLAIN WHY THIS SEGMENT WAS SELECTED Nowadays, more and more people are not physically active enough; this can lead to a weight increase and/or a decrease in physical condition, which can result in health problems. In order to try to motivate people to become more active again and to reach their goals (e.g., lose weight or gain better condition) the use of D-Glasses Work Out may help. Virtual Reality environment can be very successful in raising motivation (Bonants, 2003). According to the U.S Census Bureau (2009), the United States has approximately 301,237,703 people. Individuals that have yearly earnings of 75,000.00 or more represent 18.3% of the whole population. Inside this group, 23.2% are male and 11.4% are female (U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-2008 American Community Survey). In 2009, women earned 89% as much as men among workers 25 to 34 years old. In the age groupings of those 35 years and older, women had earnings that were roughly three-fourths as much as their male counterparts (BLS Report 1025, June 2010). Among educational groups, those with a bachelor’s degree or higher were most likely to work at home. On the days they worked, 35 percent of individuals with a bachelor's degree or higher worked from home compared to 20 percent of those with some college and 13 percent of those with a high school diploma (ATUS, data are averages for 2004 to 2008). DISCUSS THE TARGET MARKET AND WHY THESE CUSTOMERS WILL BE TARGETED Because of the technology component of the product offered, DimenXion Vision will target adults from 30 to 49 years old. It represents 28.4% of the total population (Census, 2009). Company understands that the target market should be most dedicated to customers that have more income because the product itself is going to be expensive to be affordable to all classes. Another target characteristic is the public that works from home or travels on the job.

For an ideal customer, the initial target will be a 30-40 year old innovator male who regularly uses technology products at home such as high definition TV (may already have a 3D TV), has an intensive work schedule, most likely travels in weekdays, and has a sedimentary life. He is technologically savvy, has disposable income and considers himself an innovator when it comes to acquiring the latest devices. A secondary market will be gender non-specific, targeting the age ranges of 40-49, has achieved a successful carrier, still does work many hours per week and does not dedicate necessary time to take care of his or her healthy. Also, these will be married couples with raised children or individuals that are experiencing his or her first divorce. CONDUCT A SWOT ANALYSIS FOR THE COMPANY:

D-Glasses Work Out is a product that brings a new concept of work out. It motivates individuals looking to improve health and gain wellness. Currently if a person has an extensive working hours, travels a lot or stay most of the time alone, most likely this person often is not in the mood to practice exercises. D-Glasses Work Out can change it. Exciting adventures, real sport challenges, and different scenarios in a daily basis are among the whole world of entertainment videos 3D. The uniqueness...
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