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Topics: Back to the Future, Time travel, Time Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Back to the future is a, comedy, adventure, science fiction film. Set in 1985 and 1955. It is filmed in Santa Clarita & South Pasadena, California, USA. The movie was realised on July 3rd 1985. The story in tails the audience about a teenage boy called Marty McFly. Who sent himself back in time from 1985 to 1955 with a time traveling car. Which was invented by his good friend that is a scientist named Dr. Emmett Brown but know in the film he is named Doc. When Marty was sent back to 1955 he forgot to take with him the sufficient plutonium to power the time travelling car, in order for him to get back to 1985. When Marty time travelled back 1955 he came acquainted with his future parents. However, the plot thickens when his future mum Lorraine gets a teenage crush on Marty her son. Marty is quick to realize in order for him and his siblings to exist in the future he is order by Doc that he must get his parents to fall in love. Score

In the opening scene The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and The News is played. To help reinforce how powerful love is in the film even if it is going back in time. Back In Time also created by Huey Lewis and The News also reinforces the importance of time travel throughout the movie. Earth angel (will you be mine) written and sung by Starlight, encourages Lorraine and George to kiss for the first time. When they kiss to this song Marty and his siblings start remerging from the photo that they vanished from. Finally, coming to the closing scenes Marty McFly plays Chuck Berry’s famous Johnny B. Goode on lead guitar. At the end of the song Marty starts pelting his guitar on stage at this point the crowd is dumb founded at his estranged behaviour. At this point Marty says “Maybe youse guys aren’t ready for this yet”. This is meant to highlight the importance of playing with fate. Special effects

One of the visual effects employed in Back To The Future is when Doc’s time traveling car speeds up to astonishing speed then...
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