Back to the Future Report

Topics: Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part III, Lorraine Baines McFly Pages: 7 (2317 words) Published: May 19, 2013
I. Characters
A. Major
1. Marty McFly
Marty is a teenage boy who a girl could easily consider attractive, while himself not an outcast among teenage high school hangout, Marty is from a family that is portrayed as the most "uncool" family one can imagine. Marty can be aggravated very easily It is easy to challenge Marty to take part in the most ridiculous fight by calling him "chicken", which he cannot stand and badly responds to right away. This weakness of his becomes well known and his peers try to take advantage of it very often. Marty eventually realizes that this habit has to change for his own sake and does so, but not before putting himself into some dangerous situations. 2. Doc Brown

Emmett "Doc" Brown is a local scientist living in the town of Hill Valley. Doc Brown is an older man who can be described with the classic mad scientist look about him. His mental condition can be described the same way with a classic detremend go getting attitude that helps him even when all his experaments have no good results. 3. Lorraine Baines (McFly)

She attended Hill Valley High, and was a bit of a flirt. As a teen, she would change her clothes in her room, keeping her window shade open. Boys would watch from a tree across the street, and often fell out of the tree onto the pavement. One of these boys was George McFly. She was what we could call now “easy” She also drank and smoked witch carried on through her life. 4. George McFly

George was an insecure boy who grew up to become a nerdy wimp who was unable to stand up for himself. He had few friends at high school and probably did not have that many afterward. Biff Tannen and his friends bullied him constantly, George liked watching sci-fi programs and old shows such as The Honeymooners and Science Fiction Theatre. George was very superstitious and he also had a distinctive laugh… 5. Biff Tannen

 Biff was not very bright and only got through high school by bullying George McFly to do his homework for him. Biff often took plesure in calling George McFly an "Irish bug". He was feared by most of his schoolmates. In 1955, he surrounded himself with a gang consisting of (Match, Skinhead, and 3-D). He also had a crush onLorraine Baines and referred to her as "my girl", and continued to take an interest in her even 30 and 60 years later. Lorraine did not return the sentiments. B. Secondary

1. Libyan Gunman
A man dissatisfied with a “bomb” doc made for them he came to the mall and shot dock down

2. Jennifer Parker
She is Marty’s girlfriend in 1985 who he evidently ends up marrying
3. Marvin Berry
The leader of the guest band that plays at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance… Cousin of Marvin Berry C. Minor
Linda McFly|
Sam Baines|
Stella Baines|
Mr. Strickland|
Skinhead (as Jeffrey Jay Cohen)|
Marvin Berry|
Goldie Wilson|
Clocktower Lady|
Pa Peabody|
Ma Peabody|
Sherman Peabody|
Daughter Peabody|
Milton Baines|
Sally Baines|

II. Expostition
A. Setting
Hill Valley California 1985
Hill Valley California 1955
B. Preliminary Situation
Marty McFly is a teenager living in a small town who wishes to make it as a musician but unfortunately no one wants to give him a chance. And his family is not the kind of family he or anyone could be proud of. His brother has a crappy job. His mother is a drunk. His father doesn't have any guts especially when his Biff Tannen is around. Biff walks all over him. But among of the bright spots in his life is his girlfriend, Jen and his friendship with Emmett Brown, a crackpot scientist. III. Plot

A. Initial Incedent
 One night Brown sends for Marty to meet at an unusual time. And it's there that Brown unveils to Marty his invention a time machine which he built into a Delorean. Brown reveals that due to the great amount of power needed for the time machine to works he tricked some Libyans into giving him some...
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