Back to Representation

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Back to the Future, World War II Pages: 3 (1409 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Elvin Banuelos
Back to Representation
Robert Zemeckis’s Back to the future takes place during the 1950’s, a time when capitalism was on the rise in America. It serves a greater purpose than showing what it’s like for Marty Mcfly to travel back in time, but rather real events which had occurred prior to the 1950’s, including the beginning of the Cold war versus the Soviet Union. The movie serves as a good representation on how this country has changed its way of thinking from the 50’s until the 80’s. It does so by showing how women and African American men were seen, and placed in the workforce. The movie begins with Marty meeting with Dr. Brown at a mall because Doc needed to show him a new invention he had created. Marty meets with him at the mall, which is where Doc tells him that he has stolen plutonium from the Libyans, which was supposed to be used to make a bomb. He uses that plutonium for a time machine he created. The Libyans find Dr. Brown and shoot him. Marty jumps into the time machine and goes back to 1955 without realizing it. He then goes out to find Dr. Brown, the creator of the time machine. Doc is in shock to hear what Marty says about the future, but after showing him footage taken prior to the attack, Dr. Brown believes him. It is then that he asks Marty “What on Earth is this thing I'm wearing? (Back to the Future).” Marty then tells him he is wearing a radiation suit, and Dr. Brown says “Radiation suit? Of course. 'Cause of all the fallout from the atomic wars (Future).” He is referring to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The movie is taking place ten years later, but Doc assumes that the atomic bombs that dropped in 1945, continued throughout the next thirty years. He assumed that the droppings led to a nuclear world war and everyone needed to wear radiation suits to survive. In the movie, while Marty has traveled back to 1955, he was also wearing a radiation suit. He gets out of the time machine, after...
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