Availability and Utilization of Ict-Based Facilites in the Teaching of Biology Concepts

Topics: School, High school, Teacher Pages: 9 (3256 words) Published: January 10, 2013
This study employs ex-post factor research design to investigate the level of Availability and Utilization of ICT-Based Technology among biology teachers in Ekiti state secondary schools. In this survey, 36 biology teachers were randomly selected from boarding and day public secondary schools in Ekiti state. Two instruments were developed, validated and reliability scores obtained using Cronbach alpha method. Simple percentages, weighted average and chi-square were used in data analyses. In all, two research questions and three hypotheses were addressed and tested. The findings revealed low level of availability of ICT-Based facilities as well as low level of utilization of ICT-Based facilities by teachers of biology. The study also revealed that the non-availability of these facilities is responsible for its low level of utilization. Hence, it was recommended among others that, more funds be made available to procure these ICT-Based facilities, and teachers should be trained on their usage to enhance the utilization of these facilities.

Technological revolution has influenced every aspect of human endeavour, including our social life, and especially, the way and manner we handle information. This has also crept into education and researches have indicated its potentials in changing instructions and instructional media. Patrick (2003) noted that when properly used, ICT can make a significant impact on education.

To this end, a survey by Fast Response Survey System (FRSS), 1999, in United States of America and noted by Mujibul (2007) shows that ICTs can be adapted into education by teachers in the following ways; to create instructional materials, gather information for planning lesson, administrative record keeping, research and best practices for teaching, preparing multimedia presentation for class, and accessing model lesson plan. Information and Communication Technology has carved a niche for itself in the teaching and learning of science. Thus, it remains a viable pathway to the realization of nation’s aims, goals and objectives of education in general and science education in particular as well as in the attainment of scientific sophistry. Ige (2003) maintained that “the introduction of computers in schools opens up opportunities for changes and reform in science”. This global phenomenon-ICT- has permeated every aspect of human endeavour. Haastrup (2004) and cited by Aderogba (2007) noted that perhaps the greatest achievement of the 20th and 21st centuries was the development and application of ICTs to all facets of human endeavour. In a similar vein, Okafor and Umoinyang (2008) submitted that “Information and Communication Technology has comprehensively impacted its benefits on every society as the greatest change agent of human development” Biology, one of the core subjects enumerated in the National Policy on Education (NPE, 2004: 16) and entrenched in the Nigeria Secondary School Science Project (NSSSP), (Adesoji 2002) cannot be debald of the waves that transverse the teaching and learning of science. Ige (2003) while supporting the use of multimedia packages in biology positioned that “the use of multimedia learning packages which incorporate computer simulation of biological process may expose the students to what happens in real life situation”. In a related vein, Potyrala (2005) while working on ‘ICT Tools in Biology Education’ concluded that biology teacher has numerous possibilities of applying ICT tools to lessons both in theory and practice.

For the purpose of this study, two research questions and three hypotheses were developed. R.Q 1: What is the level of availability of ICT facilities in the teaching of Biology in schools? R.Q 2: What is the teachers’ frequency level of ICT facilities utilization? HO 1: There is no significant difference in the level of availability of ICT facilities between boarding and day schools HO 2: There is no significant difference in the...
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