Communications Plan for the Classroom

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Technology Plan 1


Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Section One: Mission and Vision Statement
Joette Cooper
Grand Canyon University
EDU- 225 Instructional Technology
October 21, 2012

Technology Plan 2
Table of Contents
Section One: Mission and Vision Statement 3 References 6

Technology Plan 3
Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Educators can be great teachers as well as great learners. Everyday educators are learning different ways to inspire their students to learn Technology is one way that the educator are using to inspire their students since computers are one of the main technology that the students know how to use in the classroom. In the article, “The Importance of Classroom Usage in the Classroom” states that “Technology is not central to the teacher preparation experience in most colleges of education”. (Office of Technology Assessment, 1995). They do not know how that the computer can help even if a child had a disability. Another report states that the connection between teachers and technology was a wakeup call. Technology was becoming so important that teachers had to go back to school for training and way to use them in the classroom. As a future educator, I want to encourage and guide my students to do the best of their ability, and to keep up with the growth of technology.

My Mission: As an educator, I will grow with my students as my students begin to grow by providing information that will help them to succeed. I will encourage them to search out information about how and to use the computer and any other devices that could help them in their studies. As a teacher I would encourage and...
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