Social Institutions and the Effects on Technology

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Social Institutions & Effect of Technology

Effects of Technology on the Education System

CS300 Technology in Global Society

Park University

October 28, 2010

1. Introduction

2. History

3. Applications

a. Distance learning

b. Tutorials

c. Books and other Materials

4. Benefits

a. Affordability

b. Accessibility

c. New skills learned

5. Setbacks

a. Privacy Issues

b. Quality of Education

6. New Behaviors

a. Social Networks

b. Classroom hours

7. Stages of Technology Integration

a. Entry Stage

b. Adaptation Stage

c. Transformation Stage

8. Outreach

a. Changes on student population

9. The classroom of the future

a. Emerging Technologies


In recent years, technology has transformed many facets of our lives. Technology has evolved at a pace that makes it almost necessary in most day-to-day products. No matter where you are, it’s easy to spot something that has been dramatically altered by technology over just the past few decades. From self-checkout lanes at the grocery store to traffic cameras at stop lights, technology has changed (and will continue to) the way we do business.

One area that has gained from the development of technology is our nation’s education system. Students today are learning in a much different environment than the ones from ten years ago, who learned in a different environment than the ones from fifty years ago, and so on. These changes are across the board, from children learning in pre-school to adults enrolled in graduate education courses. The use of technology to simplify the learning process is not only being used in our nation, but across the globe.

The benefit of integrating technology in to the learning process is evident. Young children as early as kindergarten...
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