Autonomous Learning

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Autonomous Learning
Autonomous learning is one of the major roles in fostering learning. It makes learning in universities easier and student’s brain more flexible in creating a supportive learning environment. It helps students to have another source in learning besides teacher’s role as well as maintaining teacher-student relationship. Learners are various in capability and attention and arrive from different countries and environments, so the teachers have to broaden their understanding of the student’s backgrounds. Autonomous learning is a complex work that requires a big effort to achieve, so to be an autonomous learner one needs to understand the concept of the autonomous learning, teacher’s role and teaching methods and student biography. Autonomous learning in its broadest meaning is a process that individuals take the beginning of learning, with or without the help of other people to know their needs in learning, achieve their goals, realize human and material resources for learning, select and achieve appropriate learning plan, and correct learning outcomes. Learners should understand to be self-reliance and change the concept of teacher’s help and depending completely on it, so it is a very complex work to learn autonomously. According to Armstrong et al (2009) he said that “Teaching is a complex act because it deals with a complex organism, human being” according to Biggs (1999), dealing with the preferred personal learning style is considered as an important aspect for improving the learning process, thus teaching in class which consists of a large number of students is a very complex job as students come from several countries, have different cultures, experiences and motivations. It is very important to have a real target to achieve and this will make learning easier and interesting, so one should manage learning activities and have to be ambitious to reach goals. Teacher’s role and teaching methods are essential points that one should be...
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