Mentoring and Coaching Report at the Royal Navy’s Outdoor Leadership Training Centre

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  • Published : August 6, 2012
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University of Plymouth

Faculty of Education
Continuing Professional Development

Enhancement module Coaching and Mentoring
DLLS 462

Module Handbook

HMS Collingwood

21-23 Oct 2011
Kampenfelt, Royal Arthur Building

Theories and Principles for Planning and Enabling Learning

Tutor: Russell Shobrook
Kampenfelt, Royal Arthur Building
Session One 0830-1230
Introduction to Module. The relationship between teaching, mentoring and coaching and subject specialism: theories, principles and models.

Directed Study Ways in which theories and principles of mentoring and coaching can further complement subject specialist teaching and can be applied to promote inclusive practice.

|Session Two 1300 -1700 | |Ways of encouraging learner autonomy and self-assessment. | | | |Directed Study | |Research how learners in your context respond to mentoring and coaching and devise a minimum of 2 plans for targeted and specific | |interventions. These plans will form appendices to your assignment task. |

|Session Three 0900 -1200 | |The boundaries, roles and responsibilities of the teacher as a mentor and coach. | |Policies, legislation and codes of practice relevant to mentoring and/or coaching within own professional practice context. | | | |Directed Study. Conduct further research on the policies, legislation and codes of practice relevant to mentoring and/or coaching within own| |professional practice context and devise an ethics policy and include as an appendix within your final report. |

|Session Four 1300 - 1630 | |Personal and professional development, including self assessment and target setting. | | | |Directed Study You will conduct and reflect upon at least 2 coaching or mentoring interventions. These will be included as appendices in | |your final report. |

|Session Five 0900 -1200 | |Professional knowledge and understanding of the management of mentoring and coaching. | | | |Directed Study Conduct research in the area of education management within your practice context and comment upon its impact upon the | |mentoring and coaching strategies within your final report. |

|Session Six 1300 - 1630...
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