The Role of English Movies in Teaching Students English Literacy

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Explore the role of the English film teaching students English moral literacy

A status quo in vocational students to learn English
Students weak economic foundation, poor foundation. Most of the cultural roots of vocational students, poor attitude towards learning English and some even 26 letters written well, are not allowed to read, even the five fundamental the vowels not know, arbitrarily called the students to ask him voice or syntax, you will find him very bad control. Spelling words to find a few grammar learning is controlled, it is the cream of the crop. Poor student approaches to learning, and generally feel that learning English is very strenuous, some thought that the English words in mind and forgot, some even have never had the joy of learning English, not to mention the experience of victory. Long-term so that they gradually lose interest and confidence in learning English, no longer do the efforts of learning English. Some talk about the English mere mention, I did encounter a boy and told him to recite the English word, even panic was sweating, mouth twitching, stuttering a long time, unable to speak, usually on the way to see me, and the head is always low are afraid even to say hello and I, as well as flagrantly reason to object to learn English: We are Chinese people do not speak English. Incredible on the classroom, these students is how the performance of, or lying on the table, or play phone or speak or see other books, jobs often do not pay, some do not want to do as well as complete English homework. Autonomous learning can be lacking, not enough learning perseverance. English learning to fight from time to time with the forgotten work needs perseverance and hard to pay, and strive to the process of theory and experience. Of vocational students in English learning process and long-term persevered few, the overwhelming majority of studies, lack of perseverance and patience. Even the teachers' the moment aroused since their self-confidence, it is difficult to permanently maintain the interest of their learning, or just a temporary heat, a few days discourage you. Due to their lack of scientific approaches to learning and the right attitude, and good study habits and the lack of "simply the effort of deep strokes fell great oaks" or "dripstone wear" perseverance, perseverance, therefore, students learning English collapse ignorant. 3 students accumulate enough vocabulary. The word is the foundation of learning English, and did not accumulate a certain amount of vocabulary, on nurturing English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Independent study to students learning English is poor, lack of perseverance, persistence, there is no systematic scientific approaches to learning, coupled with lack of awareness of the importance of learning English, and thus the accumulation of vocabulary rarely a year to participate in the National English Test, the vast Most students can only apply for the lowest level of a B research reported level of each class only a handful. Often do not understand in the classroom, can not write, can not read, and thus make their weariness mood is even more serious. 4 instructor for students learning English enthusiasm aroused enough. Faculty ignore the location of the student body, simply follow the traditional form of teaching, teaching approaches single the word mechanically commentary repeatedly to instil in students a tedious word grammatical knowledge speak less, do less, students put learning initiative long-term lack of effective sexual exercise, did not participate in the teaching, learning English gradually lose interest; faculty disregard the importance of verbal communication interaction, abundant invention language environment for students to learn English, completed just blindly teaching task time time to catch the number of classroom stiff, boring, boring, is one of the reason students weariness English; the faculty unable hierarchical teaching, not...
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