Automation Billing System

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Project on

Supermarket Billing System

Ankita Aggrawal Neha Chaturvedi Devendra Singh Sisodia (Students of MCA IV- Semester, Group No. 20) Under

Mr. Vijay Singh Rathore Assistant Professor IIIM


Supermarket Billing System

The project is on Supermarket Billing. Supermarket is the place where customers come to purchase their daily using products and pay for that. So there is a need to calculate how many products are sold and to generate the bill for the customer. In our project we have 3 users. First is the data entry operator who will enter the products in database. Second one is the administrator who will decide the taxes and commissions on the products and can see the report of any product. Third one is the bill calculating operator who will calculate the bill and print.

“To make software fast in processing, with good user interface so that user can change it and it should be used for a long time without error and maintenance.”

Work Flow
Work in the Supermarket will be done in the following way: 1. The product will come in the store. 2. Data entry operator will enter the information of the product in database. 3. The Administrator will enter the taxes and commissions for each product. 4. The customer will come and take the basket with him/her and choose the product and took it to the counter. 5. The bill calculating operator will check the products with the bar code detecting machine then it will match with product-id then it will show its information and price and the bill will be calculated and total payment will shown. 6. Customer will pay for the products. 7. All the products will be packed and delivered to the customer.

We will use 5 modules in this project. These are as follows: Module 1: Login–Id This module is made for the login of users. We know that we have 3 users so login-id is for: 1. Administrator 2. Data Entry Operator 3. Bill Calculating Operator Module 2: Apply taxes and commissions This module is for administrator who will 1. Set the taxes for the products. 2. Set the commissions for the products. Module 3: Check the Report This module is also for the administrator who can generate or check the report of the product and how many products are sold on particular date or in a period of time. Module 4: Enter the information about products This module is for data entry operator who will 1. Enter which products come in the store. 2. Prices and expiry date of the product. Module-5: Calculate the bill This module is for bill calculating operator who will 1. Calculate the bill. 2. Print it.

Our project has a big scope to do. We can: 1. Calculate the bill. 2. Give the bill to the customer. 3. Store how many products are sold. 4. Store products and their prices and with other information. 5. Set the rates of taxes and commission on the products. 6. Can see the report of the product in a fix period of time. 7. Change the Graphical User Interface of the system. We can’t: 1. Calculate of the salaries of the employees. 2. Calculate the expanses on the product.

Database is used to store data on the computer and fast retrieval of the data so we use Oracle 8i. We will make database by entering values in different tables like tables for the login-id, products in the store, etc.

Programming Languages
We will use following languages for the coding: Front End: Visual Basic 6 Back End: Microsoft Access


Description of the Existing System
Many Supermarkets use this type of billing system for a decade. It is also improved many times according to requirements of sellers and customers. It does the same work that is calculating the bill, gives it to the customer and maintain proper database. They are accurate in calculation and printing, they also generate records. A new concept is also added in the billing system is that...
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