Computerized Student Billing System

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1. 1 . If your sending agency (e.g. Bank of Tokyo, Sumitomo Corporation, GSIS, etc.) is to be billed through the Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS), go to Room 302, Vinzon's Hall : 1. a. Have your Form 5 approved by OSSS. Please check the name of the Scholarship and the privilege (e.g. Tution Only, All School fees) if it is indicated on the form. 2. b. Submit your Form5 to ARS-Billing. If your Scholarship privilege covers all school fees, your Form 5 will be stamped REGISTERED. If you are paying part of the assesed fee (e.g. student fund, fine), follow item 3 below 2. 2 . If your sending agency is to be billed through the OUR 3. a. Submit the certificate of Authority to Bill from your sending agency everytime you enroll 4. b. Submit your Form 5 to ARS-Billing for stamping of REGISTERED 3. 3 . If you are paying part of the assessed fee (e.g. student fund, fine), proceed to the payment area and pay the necessary fees|

Student Billing System
The student receivables system brings University charges and credits into one account. The Billing and Receivables Office will compile the latest information from University offices (i.e. Financial Aid, Registrar's and University Housing and Dining) and prepare the monthly billing statement. A finance charge of 1% per month on the unpaid balance from prior month's billing will be assessed. A student with a past due (encumbered) account balance will be denied registration. The University bills by semester, not by academic year. Actively enrolled students will receive their billing statement via STARS. Notification will be sent to the student at their WIU e-mail address when each bill is ready to view on STARS. Students may establish one additional e-mail address to which the notification may also be sent by notifying us at The e-mail will include the account balance and the due date. Students who need...
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