Automatic Temperature Detecting System

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The Automatic Temperature Detecting System is an embedded system application which has the capability of detecting temperature of the environment. The behavior of the system is based on sensor. Based on sensing information the microcontroller will respond. This system works on 5V power supply. Here Microcontroller plays a major role which takes inputs from sensor, process the information and give outputs to LCD. There is only one sensor i.e, Temperature sensor is embedded in the system thereby the microcontroller will respond to input sensors information. Microcontroller works only digital data, but temperature sensor gives analog data, so we need analog to digital convertor. When the system is powered-on, it senses the temperature by using temperature sensor, then microcontroller will displays on 16X2 LCD. Power is provided to the microcontroller by means of voltage regulator (+5v). Corresponding LED is glowed when there is excess temperature.


Figure1.1 Block diagram of Automatic Temperature Detecting system

In this block diagram of Automatic Temperature Detecting system the 5v dc supply is used for each IC for working because every digital logic circuit requires 5v power supply to work .The main blocks o f Automatic Temperature Detecting system are:

1.2. Block Diagram Description:
1.2.1. Temperature Sensor Module:
This Temperature sensor is placed at the starting of the circuit, it detects the temperature and gives the same as the input to ADC.

1.2.2. Analog to Digital Convertor:

The Analog to Digital Convertor is used for interface between the sensor and the microcontroller, because the microcontroller works in only digital data but sensor gives analog output .In this project we are using 0804IC ADC.

1.2.3. Microcontroller:
In this project the microcontroller is used to control the operation of the circuit, here we used is AT89S51 a clone to Intel 8051microcontroller as it has the highest set of instructions available (around 52 instructions). It has on chip 4Kb ROM in the form flash memory. In is ideal for fast development since flash memory can be erased in seconds.

1.2.4. Liquid crystal display:
The Liquid Crystal Display is used for displaying purpose. In this project it is monitoring the temperature in Celsius and we are using 16X2 LCD.

1.2.5. Power supply:
The power supply is most important function in any electronic devices. In that we need +5V power, so in hat we use voltage regulator .The main function of voltage regulator is to maintain a constant output d.c. voltage in spite of the a.c. input voltage fluctuations or changes in load resistance values.IC 7805 is a +5V regulator and IC 7812 is a +12V regulator.


1.3. Objective:
This project aim is detecting the room temperature automatically. It is an embedded system application and also microcontroller based system. In that we are using some hardware components and softwares also. The behavior of the system is based on sensor. Based on the sensing information the microcontroller will respond. By using Assembly Level Programming platform we developed a source code through the software known as Keil µVision3. This assembly level program is loaded into the hardware i.e. Microcontroller by using Proload software. By using this source code the microcontroller will operates at 5V dc power supply.

1.4. List of originations of thesis:
In this chapter a brief introduction about the project and the aim behind developing such system is given and explained the background knowledge needed to understand this project and briefly explained the block diagram as well. In the following chapters we are going to discuss the details of the project. We will also take a look of the project is implemented. The organization of the chapters is as follows. The second chapter is...
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