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Arduino Research

Date: 2013/2/16

In this brief report we will discuss a family of electronic boards called Arduino. At the beginning we shall provide an overview of the Arduino boards and what they are. After that we will tackle the board’s component and how the board works. Finally an example of one of the applications will be shown.

An Arduino board is simply a microcontroller board. The board is designed with the purpose of facilitating the use of electronics in projects. The use of the board was intentionally made easy so that anyone can use it. The board comes with a software called the Arduino Integrated Development Environment. The software is used to program the Arduino board to do the required operations. An Arduino board receives inputs from different sensors and responds by controlling different types of actuators. It is also worth-mentioning that the board and its software are open-source. It means that anyone can do anything with the board and its software. This nature has made the Arduino boards very popular among users because everyone can innovate with the board and share their innovations. However, this nature has also allowed clones with inferior qualities to be sold under the Arduino name.

There are many types of Arduino boards. Some components vary from type to type, but a simple Arduino board that can be built at home have the following components: 1- An Atmel Microcontroller. 2- LEDs. 3- Resistors. 4- Capacitors. 5- Clock Crystal. 6- Switch 7- Voltage regulator. 8- Connection pins. 9- Diode. 10- Transistors. An Arduino board’s capabilities can be extended by the use of shields. Arduino shields are boards that can be mounted on the Arduino board to perform different tasks. For example the Xbee shield allows multiple Arduino boards to communicate wirelessly, the motor shield allows the Arduino board to control a DC motor.

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