Autocratic vs. Democratic

Topics: Leadership, Management, Democratic Leadership Council Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Joe Fejarang

Autocratic vs. Democratic Leadership

Background Information

The company I work for has been providing aviation services for more than thirty years. They started out as the first FBO (Fixed Base Operation) in Mobile, Alabama, and have since grown within the aviation industry; providing services to all aspects of the business.

Today the company serves twenty-eight locations throughout the United States, providing under wing (ground handling), passenger screening and skycap services to all airlines. Other services that are offered by the company include management for cargo operations, aircraft exterior/interior cleaning, ground transportation, GSE maintenance, and other various aviation related services.

Of the twenty-eight locations, Sacramento International Airport is the largest ramp operations the company has to offer. Before some recent changes (i.e. Continental and United Airlines merging), there were ten airlines on site. Of the ten, we handle the ground services for five; perform maintenance for six; and manage cargo for all but one. It takes a lot of human power in dealing with the ground operations, cargo facility, and GSE in Sacramento. To date, there are currently about eighty-four to ninety employees on staff in SMF (airport identifier for Sacramento). The management/leadership levels are as follows: Station Manager, Operations Manager, Cargo Manager, Supervisor, and Lead. My role is the Operations Manager, which oversees all ground operations in station. I answer only to the Station Manager, wherein lies the problem. The Station Manager has been at his role in SMF for seven years. I was recruited by him and my predecessor a little under a year ago. I fully understand what role I play within the station’s operations and what my title demands of me, but the Station Manager is hindering me from fulfilling my duties to the company and delivering the best product possible to our clients. This is due to our...
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