Attestation Procedure for Auh Uae Cert

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Consular Section PO Box 248 Abu Dhabi Tel: (971) (2) 610 1100 Fax: (971) (2) 610 1609

CERTIFICATION OF EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATES IN ABU DHABI The authorities in Abu Dhabi have set the requirements for the certification of educational documents. The British Embassy and British Council are aware that the procedure for certifying educational certificates in Abu Dhabi is quite a complicated and lengthy process. We have therefore drawn up this guidance to help British nationals needing their certificates verified. The procedure is different if you are in Abu Dhabi or the UK. In Abu Dhabi If you are living in Abu Dhabi, before taking your certificates to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are three main steps in this process: 1. British Council The original educational certificate initially has to be taken to the British Council and a fee of AED120.00 per stamp (subject to change without notice) should be paid at the time of application. The British Council undertakes this service at CERT (HCT) on Muroor Road and is open for this service from 9am until 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. The British Council will verify that the educational institute exists and that the individual named on the certificate was awarded the qualification. For verification, the British Council will contact the relevant institution. A reply is usually received within five working days, although it may take longer. Please be aware that if the UK issuing institution requests an additional fee for verifying the document, the customer will have to make the payment to the university directly to get the verification letter from them.

When the certificate has been verified an appointment will be made for you to come back to the British Council to collect your original certificate. Please carry an original photographic ID. If somebody is bringing the certificate on your behalf, they need to bring a signed authorisation form from the certificate holder, the...
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