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ec NTL
Version 12/2012

A P P LI CA T I ON F OR N O T I M E LI M I T ( N T L ) A N D A BI OMETRI C I M M I G RAT ION D OC U ME N T BY SOME O NE W HO AL R EA D Y H A S I NDE F I NI T E L EA VE TO EN T E R O R RE M AIN IN T H E U K In accordance with paragraph 34 of the Immigration Rules, this form is specified for the purpose of the Immigration Rules as of 13 December 2012 and must be used for all applications made on or after that date for the purpose stated on this page. You also need the separate guidance documents listed below, which you should read before making your application: NTL guidance notes (version 10/2012) UKBA photograph guidance (version 04/2009)

Application for No Time Limit NTL by someone who already has indefinite leave to enter or remain in the UK.

Biometric immigration document (Biometric Residence Permit (BRP))

If you do not already have these documents, you can get them from our website at Our application forms change periodically. If you obtain this form some time before applying, please check that it is still the the version which must be used when you are ready to apply. Applications on this form may be made by post or in person at one of our Public Enquiry Offices. To apply in person, you must make an appointment. If you apply by post, you must send your application to the following address: UK Border Agency Leave to Remain - NTL PO Box 502 Durham DH99 1WG This form is valid only for applications made on or after 13 December 2012

NTL Application Form (Version 12/2012) - Page 1

The fee For applications on this form, there is a fee of £220 for applications made by post or £661 for applications made in person at our Public Enquiry Offices. If one or more dependants are applying with you, the fee increases by £110 for applications made by post or £331 for premium applications (PEO only) for each dependant applying as shown in the table below. Number of applicants Yourself and 1 dependant Yourself and 2 dependants Yourself and 3 dependants Fee for each additional dependant Postal £330 £440 £550 £110 Premium £992 £1323 £1654 £331 If you are paying by credit or debit card at a Public Enquiry Office, we cannot accept payment by that method unless the cardholder is present. *Maestro-wewillacceptanyMaestrocardif you are applying in person at a Public Enquiry Office but only Maestro cards issued in the UK if you are applying by post. cheqUes And POsTAL Orders You must make the cheque or postal order payable to Home Office Leave to Remain and cross the cheque or postal order(s) A/C Payee only. Write the full name, nationality and date of birth of the main applicant on the back of the cheque and/ or each postal order and keep the postal order stub(s). Make sure that the date and the amount (words and figures) are correct and that the cheque is signed properly. If applying by post, attach your cheque or postal order(s) to the front of the application form. If applying in person at a Public Enquiry Office and paying by cheque, you must have a cheque guarantee card with a limit sufficient to cover the amount to be paid. cOMPLeTIng The PAYMenT deTAILs PAge To ensure that your payment is processed without any delay, please note the points below when completing the payment details. 1-2 The address at 1 should be the contact address in the UK for any correspondence. If it is not your home address (eg a solicitor or other authorised immigration adviser may be submitting the application), give the contact name at 2. 3 This should be the full name of the main applicant as given in his or her passport or travel document. Date of birth - for example, 3 January 1980 should be written 03 01 1980 in the spaces provided.

There is only one fee payable per application form. Please note that your application will be rejected as invalid if you do not pay the specified fee. WhO MAY APPLY WITh YOU? You may...
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