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  • Published : July 1, 2013
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I have chosen to study History because I believe it is the most important and relevant subject there is. I have a desire to understand the social and economic processes that have produced modern society. History has fascinated me since early childhood, when I loved to visit museums and historical sites. As an academic subject, my love for History was triggered when I studied the Second World War as a 10 year old. I could not believe the immense impact it had on the world, and the sheer scale of it. It in turn had a huge impact on me, and consolidated my love for the subject.

Studying History for GCSE and A-Level has been good preparation for what the degree course would entail. I have successfully learned the skills of analysis and historiography, and how to infer from sources. It has encouraged me to read around the topic at hand and to research independently. I have greatly enjoyed the course and was very pleased with my result in August.

I am also studying BTEC Business studies level 3. All the subjects have given me skills that will be needed for the degree. Business studies have required a significant amount of independent reading, and have also taught me the importance of sticking to deadlines. I believe business studies will help me as there is a great deal of analysis and evaluation involved in the subject, for example looking at the validity of a business. I think all of the above skills are beneficial to the study of History.

I have a number of key skills and achievements that I think will help me on the degree. I am highly computer literate and am experienced in Adobe Photoshop. Studying essay-based subjects has taught me to express myself eloquently through writing and to structure my ideas coherently. For the duration of my time at secondary school I was a member of my school's highly successful Anti-Bullying Council. This included a course on how to give counselling sessions to my fellow students, which I then did on a number of occasions....
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