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  • Published : June 9, 2013
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Ever since I can remember I have been a couch potato, when it comes to physical activities; exercising and I don’t really get along. I though after I finally finish the activities I will never repeat the way I feel at the end ever again. After collecting myself and finally accepting the fact that I have to do the some sort of exercise like the beep test sometime in this course, I gain some confidence and achieved more than I thought I would have ever done. The first activity I did was the beep test it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it would be at all, this got me pumped up for the next few activities later on that week. In this reflection report I will discuss the different types of activities that I have done and how this affected the three energy systems and how these activities changed my mind state.

In this chart you can see the total amount of effort I put in each activity.

After calculating my target heart rate, it came up to 251 beats. Although my resting heart rate was at an average of 12x6=72 heart beats per minute. Before starting the beep test as a class we went through basic warm ups in order to increase the circulation of my blood flow through my blood tissues and across the muscles in my body. Just going through a few stretches increased my heart rate to 18x6=108 heart beats per minute. These warm up were very important for my body because it helps me prepare both mentally and physically for the beep test and reduces and chances of injury during the running. It’s also important because it preparing my heart for an increase in activity, preventing a dramatic change in blood pressure. The warm up acted as an aerobic system because this system did need oxygen and I had a normal O2 intake and didn’t require high intensity, which means that I didn’t experience lactic acid just yet this is also known as anaerobic alactate.

Next we did the beep test, which shows us where we stand in our Cardiovascular Endurance. This is important because is...
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