Atlanta - Hat Task 1

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HAT Task 1

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HAT Task 1
The City of Atlanta is located in the heart of Georgia. It has a rich in history and is the “cultural center for the Atlanta Metropolitan Area)” (Wikipedia, 2013). The City of Atlanta has the highest population in the state of Georgia Community Description and Interpretation of Data.

The City of Atlanta is located within two counties, Fulton and Dekalb. The Metropolitan Atlanta Area is comprised of over 28 counties including; Cobb County to the northwest, Gwinnett County to the northeast, Dekalb County to the west, Douglas County in the east and Henry, Clayton and Fayette Counties to the South. Atlanta, located at in the piedmont area of the Appalachia Mountains, is 134 square miles in area (Atlanta Regional Commission, 2013). The climate in Atlanta is humid sub-tropical, with mild winters and hot and very humid summers (Wikipedia, 2013). Temperatures in 2012 ranged from an average monthly high in July of 94 degrees to average monthly low in January of 39 degrees. The average annual rainfall in Atlanta is 49.7 inches (National Weather Service Forecast Office, 2012). The air quality in Atlanta “does not meet the federal standards for ozone and fine particulate matter” (Atlanta Regional Commission, 2013). The City of Atlanta drinking water has won national awards. In its 2009 Water Quality Report (City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, 2009) was reported to have met all parameters for microbial, inorganic and organic contaminants. The City of Atlanta’s population in 2010 was 420,003 people and ranks 43rd in size amongst U.S incorporated cities (Atlanta Regional Commission, 2013). There are approximately 49.8% males and 50.2% females the city. Atlanta’s population is comprised 54% of black or African-American race, 36% white, 5% Hispanic, 3% Asian, and 2% some other race (Atlanta Regional Commission, 2013). There are approximately 3,134 people per square mile in Atlanta with a median age of...
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