Assignment: Leadership and Cost Company

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Assignment 2: Case Study: Calgary Oil Shale Technologies, Inc. (COST)

1.0 Introduction: the back ground of the COST, Inc.
The Calgary Oil Shale Technologies, Inc. (COST), which is a subsidiary company of an international oilfield services company. The subsidiary company aims to supplying the technology and managing the data which is to optimize the recovery of the oil from oil shale formation in Alberta, Colorado, and Utah. COST Company could distinguish oil-bearing rock layers which could help energy companies gain higher productivity from the oil shale production.

COST Company tried their best to grasp the sophisticated technology, thus the COST Company used highly to training the professionals, like the geologists, geophysicists, and the engineers. The COST Company also trained the skilled and semiskilled labor that run the company’s field operations. On the other hand the professional labor and the skilled labor, the two groups always occurs the clashed. As Martin Bouchard as the present and CEO in the COST Company, and his top goals was to introduce teams as a way of solving the morale and productivity problems at the company’s Alberta field operations site. According to those problems the COST Company hired Algoma Howard, who is a First Nations descendant, to be success in solving teamwork. Howard invited Carlos Debrito as the leader worked for the Alberta pilot program, and Debrito is a long-time employee in the COST Company who was highly respect by the employees in the Alberta Office, and Debrito was looking for one final challenging project before his retiring.

There are three functional groups at the Alberta site; they are “operations” group, the “below ground” group, and the “maintenance” group. The “operation” group included the hourly workers who operated and maintained the equipment; the “below ground” group, which are the professionals include the engineers, geologists and geophysicists; the “maintenance” group who are the employees always on call.

As the Howard and Debrito were the leaders in the COST Company, they tried their best to solving the morale and productivity problems for the Alberta field operations site. The first step was the “fireside chats” which is to get the employees together, ask them to give several ideas to solve the problems. As many people join the “fireside chats” and almost every session came to fisticuffs until Debrito announced someone needed to go out. Moreover, during the next session, Debrito and Howard established the “rules of engagement” which is better for them to organize. The next step for the Howard and Debrito is to introduce the official “problem busting” teams, which is the temporary team, and the team members are coming from each of the three functional areas and from various hierarchical levels, and each was assigned a team leader. Their aims are to help the COST Company solving the problems, and after they finishing the work, the team disbanded. Moreover, the problems what they addressed, which within certain cost guidelines and without the management approval.

After this the COST Company identified the Colorado office as their next facility, Howard want to introduce her leadership of the cross-functional teams that was successful in the Alberta, however, the employees are all stressful in the Colorado. On the following paragraph, I will focus on what the Howard and Debrito did in the COST Company.

2.0 Team development stages

The role of Algoma Howard and Carlos Debrito in Alberta
As we can see from the case, the COST Company hired Algoma Howard, who was the First Nations descendant. He tried his best to develop the teamwork program which is better for the COST Company to improve the productivity as well as the morale at the Calgary facility. Howard was success before by using the teams, he tried his best to bring the people together, and tried his best to coordinate the employees and everything, to let them understand one another’s...
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