Crowd Sourcing

Topics: The Gathering, Gather, Part-time Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: April 11, 2013
1)Crowdsourcing is obtaining a needed service from a large group of people, in which mainly comes from the online community. With the service coming mainly from the online community the process can happen both on or offline. The idea of crowdsourcing combines the efforts of part time workers and volunteers to gather small portions of information, which ultimately adds up to a large result in the end. 2)Disadvantages of crowdsourcing compared to traditional employees would be the reliability of the information gathered by the volunteers or low paid part time employees. The information coming in may not be as reliable as it could be from a team of paid employees. The main advantage would be the low cost involved in the gathering of the information. The video showed us where a geiger counter was given to a man in Japan to use on his car for free that had a cost of $850.00 to build. 3)A team is a group of people who have complementary skills that is committed to a common purpose, goal, or approach in which they hold each other accountable. While learning and understanding crowdsourcing the word crowd to me does not meet the definition of a team. While in the video the group did seem to be working toward the same goal of providing information to the public of Japan, is there accountability for faulty equipment or bad information? This is where the difference in the two comes into play in my view is the accountability factor. 4)Different stages of team development are forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. In the forming stage teams are typically getting familiar with their task and other team members. In the storming stage members look to find where they belong in the group and may very well test the leadership. During the norming stage members feel they have found their roles in the group and get the “we feeling”. While the group is in the performing stage they are focused on solving the task problems. And finally the adjourning stage is when...
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