Assignment: Cause and Effect Essays

Topics: Writing, Affect, Effect Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: October 1, 2012
To organize and discuss the ideas, using of cause and effect method is common. Establish the connection between two things while writing a cause and effect essay; concentrate on why things happen (cause) and what are their effects on nature or other things. Logical reasoning is the essential demand of a cause and effect essay. Cause & effect essays need a thorough research to collect the evidences in order to manage the linking between happenings and their results. The choice of a good topic makes your task easier and manageable in best possible manner. Here are some options to write an effective cause and effect essay:

Global Warming through Human Activities
Shorter Life Expectancies of New Generation
Internet Transactions via Credit Cards
Dollar’s Devaluation in International Market
Online Chatting with Anonymous
Effects of Single Asian Currency
Taking Online Assignment Help
Impacts of an Addicted Parent on Kids
Effects of Procrastination on Grades
Neglected Child – Causes & Effects
Effects of Illiterate People on Society
Eating Junk Food
Explain an Unreasonable Personal Fear
Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants Worldwide
Affects of Weather on Mood
Influence of TV Advertising on Teens
Vanishing of the Animal and Plant Species
Sports Popularity Worldwide
The Changes in the Ocean
Using of Cell phones while Driving
Bullying in High School
Vegetarian Diet Effects on Health
Causes & Effects of Generation Gap
A Day Affected Me the Most
Long Term Drug Usage
World Hunger
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