Cause and Effect Essay

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  • Published : March 29, 2011
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Qais Ahmad Noor
Chris Henderson
English 110 section 10
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Cause and Effect Essay
Causes of Road Accidents in Afghanistan
Every day in every part of the world there is a road accident and most of these accidents are very fatal. In Afghanistan the road accidents are much greater compared to most of other countries. Every hour, there are several road accidents and almost majority of the accidents are very serious. Many people die due to fatal accidents in Afghanistan because of lack of experienced drivers, standard roads, traffic control systems and existing of corruption in governmental agencies, are the substantial causes for fatal accidents in Afghanistan. One of the main causes of road accidents in Afghanistan is lack of experience and understanding of rules of driving among drivers. People cannot make enough income to educate. So they seek job instead of pursuing education. Since there are less job opportunities in Afghanistan, it is difficult for people to be employed in companies or organization. And the majority of afghan becomes drivers in young age. These young age drivers are neither careful nor experience compared to adult drivers for practicing safe driving procedure on the roads and highways. There for, several road accidents take place. Apart from existing of inexperience young drivers there is lack of standard roads and highways. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan almost all road were destroyed. After the end of Soviet war, few roads that are reconstructed in past ten years during the new government establishment in Afghanistan. The majority of these roads are damaged because of usage of low quality materials and standards. These roads cannot take heavy vehicles weight and creates ruts, that, causes cars to imbalance when passes in speed. Therefore drivers lose their balance and leads to serious accidents. Road width is also another cause for accidents where the width is so limited for vehicles to overtake. While a driver attempts to...
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