Assignment 4 – the Role of the Teaching Assistant

Topics: Discrimination, Children Act 1989, Egalitarianism Pages: 7 (2484 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Assignment 4 – The Role of the Teaching Assistant

1. Explain the responsibilities of the school relating to the duty of care and the welfare of the child. All adults working alongside children have a responsibility to keep them safe. As a teaching assistant, initial training will be given outlining your role and any other particular areas which your employer would like you to focus on to improve the schools child welfare system. The Children Act1989 states that the welfare of the child is paramount and sets out to detail what Local Authorities and Courts should to protect children. The school must designate a Senior Teacher who will hold specific responsibilities for child protection within their school, they will be clear and familiar with the rules and steps to follow regarding any matters of child welfare. They should also be confident and clear when offering advice and guidance to colleagues who are unfamiliar with the child protection service. Teachers and teaching assistants have a duty of care to their students and because they have daily contact with them they are able to identify any signs of abuse, neglect, failure to develop or any unusual change in behaviour. If a member of staff has any knowledge or suspicion that a child is or has been suffering in silence then they must take action, the usual course of action will be to consult with the designated colleague or if absent the most senior member of staff available. Furthermore the student must be informed that this information cannot be kept confidential and will be passed onto the appropriate person. An immediate written record of the conversation passed must include information such as dates and time reported, dates and place of alleged abuse, the names of all the people involved, nature of alleged and description of any injuries observed, any information contributed by siblings or friends and finally confirmation that the student has been advised of the next steps. The designated Child Protection Co-ordinator will then notify Social Services by telephone and then confirm the allegations in writing, which is to be signed and dated by the referrer.  The Children Act 2004 sets out the process for providing services to children so that every child is able to achieve the five outcomes described in the Every Child Matters green paper, and all schools should aim to support this new approach to the well-being of children and support them in achieving these goals. The five outcomes of the Every Child Matters approach are to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make positive contributions and finally, to achieve economic well-being. It is very important that support is given to children both at home and school as parents and teachers are the biggest influence in a child’s life.

2. Discuss 5 important school and statutory frameworks that directly impact on the teaching assistants work with pupils. Teaching assistants must be aware of all statutory frameworks that affect their own delivery of the curriculum, health and safety, child protection and any others aspects of school life whether it be social or academic. The first framework is equal opportunity, the teaching assistant has an important role in ensuring that each pupil has the same learning opportunities. Many classroom assistants are employed with specific responsibilities to work with either individuals or groups of pupils to provide additional or different support to achieve equality of opportunity. In some cases the Teacher will direct the teaching assistant in working with the whole class while he/she can be available for one to one time for an individual who is finding the task difficult. The second framework is inclusion, this is similar to providing equal opportunity however is focuses more on including each individual pupil into the learning activity at present. Inclusion is key, by providing extra support all pupils have a better advantage for learning, helping to build...
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