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Assignment # 1



Database Management System CS403 Assignment # 1 Data Flow Diagrams (DFDS) Assigned date: 10-10-2006 Due date: 15-10-2006
The Assignment: • Draw Context (Level 0) DFD • Draw Detailed Level DFD (i.e. level 1 & Level 2 ) of the following system.


Abc & co. is a Pharmaceutical company which sales life saving medicines. You have to draw 0, 1& 2 level DFDS of sales and purchase system of above company. Main entities of system are Customer, supplier, product, stock etc.

Purposes: Ensure that you can analyze existing manual system and can draw Data Flow Diagrams of any proposed system. Before Starting: Detail study of existing system. Rules for drawing DFDS. Differentiate between different levels of DFDS.

Virtual University Of Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan

Assignment # 1



Discussion of the Assignment
Main Analysis Diagram
Customer Registration Place where new customers are registered

Products those are available in this store and register new products

Supplier who supply s products in this company and also allot them specified regions for their supply Purchase invoice give three slips on the behalf of suppler that supply products also if return then delete slip from record

Sales invoice give three slips on the behalf of order that is placed by customer when return then delete slip from record

Note: Try to solve assignment your self if it is found that your assignment is copied with other student. Then both assignments marked as zero. Submit assignment in proper way as mentioned above submission in proper way also hold marks. Don’t put assignment related question on MDB. For any further quarries about assignments mail at : Note: No assignment will be accepted after due date via email.

Virtual University Of Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan

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